What are Right Brain and Left Brain?

The human mind is divided into two portions, right and left.  According to numerous researches on the brain it is found that each portion is responsible to think differently in different people.  Also one portion of brain is more active for particular types of activities than the other.

The right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for holistic, subjective, random, intuitive and synthesizing thinking.  However, the left portion is based upon logical, analytical, objective, sequential and rational thinking.

People in whom the right brain is dominant first apply creativity to tackle the problem.  Such kind of people rely more on their ability to grasp quickly and intuition to the overall scenario of the situation they are into. Hence right-brain dominated people are not very concerned with details of everything.

Whereas, left brain dominant persons use reasoning first on every issue they are faced with. They apply first apply rational logic to identify the cause of a problem and then they think the measures to solve it. Hence the people who use their left hemisphere of brain are detail-oriented.

Advanced investigations and researches brought out a deep correlation between particular types of tasks and the activity of the brain. Today, also researches and autopsies are being conducted to understand the functioning of the both hemispheres of the brain.

These researches & experiments have proven to be very helpful to understand and treat chronic brain diseases such as brain injury and stroke-rehabilitation.

Some characteristics of Left-Brain thinkers and Right-Brain thinkers, as following:

  1. The left-brain thinkers are generally better at science and mathematics over arts and literature, such people choose engineering segment as a career. Whereas, people who are right-brain thinkers often prefer arts and literature over science and mathematics and feel satisfied in choosing a career in writing.
  2. The right-brain thinkers love outdoor sports and activities. Reading and studying are the passion of left-brain thinkers.
  3. Usually left-brain thinkers prefer quiet work environment, whereas the right-brain thinkers can easily work in the environment with bustling background.
  4. The right-brain thinkers generally love to work and move in groups, whereas left-brain thinkers are loners.
  5. The right-brain thinkers rely on their intuition and body language, whereas, left-brain thinkers love to sort out any issue by talking.

Every human being has been awarded by the choice how he or she makes use of their right brain and left brain to resolve their problems and issues.

So are you a left brain thinker or a right brain thinker?