You Just Can’t Do without Proteins

Proteins as we know is one of the most important nutrient components of every cell in the body which is basically made up of non-essential and essential amino acids. It’s a well known fact that protein has innumerable functions in the body. It plays a vital role in ensuring one’s health and well-being. The key functions of proteins include building and repairing of body tissues, bones and muscles, restoring body cells, regulating different processes in the body and formation of hormones and enzymes. This is just the tip of the iceburg; protein has many more important roles in maintaining your health.

Protein assists in the formation of antibodies which facilitate the body to fight infections. Hence when someone has infection, he/she is recommended to consume more protein as it boosts your immune system by creating antibodies which are further required to fight diseases. Even when you are injured, it’s the protein which comes at your rescue by helping your blood clots and also in repairing.

Protein also serves as a major supplier of energy. With distinctive kinds of proteins performing unique functions in the body, protein forms a major part of our body. Muscles, bone, skin, body tissues and fluids, all of these contain protein. In fact, even blood contains lots of proteins, as a matter of fact, hemoglobin is nothing but protein.

The fact that there is constant breakdown of proteins in our body makes it all the more necessary to consume proteins on a daily basis. If you need to improve fitness of your body, healthy growth and maintenance you need to ensure that you are taking sufficient amount of protein.

Now that we know how important protein is to our body, we also need to know the food that is rich in protein.

Egg has rich quality of protein and contains all the necessary amino acids that a human body needs, which is why it has become so popular with the manufacturers of protein powders. Meat, turkey, chicken, fish and dairy products are the richest source of protein. In fact, food obtained from animal sources contains all the essential amino acids and they provide complete protein to you. Beans, peanuts, legumes and peas also contain protein but not completely as they lack some of the essential amino acids. However you can get complete protein when you combine it with plant foods like seeds, grains, vegetables and nuts.

The bottom line is, protein is undeniably very important for our survival, hence ensuring daily recommended protein intake will re-ensure proper functioning of the body.