Knowing About Aerobics is More Important Now

Have ever heard about aerobics? 60 out of every 100 individuals might have heard about the same ‘as a sporty, physical term’ but none of them ever bothered to peep into the reality and benefits about it.

Be it a cricket, football or hockey everyone knows about the same, most of them don’t even play but still they know about the game, the rules the physical benefits associated and so on. But when it comes to something like Aerobics, then people are least interested in it.

Do you know the reason why?? No one knows the benefits associated with the same and it is least telecast on televisions and hence less exposure. This particular article will lead you towards gaining knowledge about aerobics, more in relation to cardiovascular response.

What is Aerobics?

Aerobics is actually making use of the body oxygen inorder to meet or cover up the energy demands during your exercise and also increasing in the heart and pulmonary rate. It is a low intensity but high energy producing process. It also has many known benefits like:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight control and obesity
  • Control diabetes
  • Cognitive function

Out of the above mentioned benefits we will only be dealing with the first one that is- Cardiovascular disease or putting in other words “Cardiovascular response towards aerobics”.

Now-a-days people are becoming more aware about the benefits of cardiovascular response towards aerobics. Human body is prone to work and move and hence aerobics acts as a lubricant in the body that facilitates its working. The less you do the more will be the problem with your physical health.

During heavy workouts your heart beat slows down along with your depth in breathing, in such a situation the cells inside your body needs oxygen inorder to pump blood throughout the body and increase the heart beat as well the depth.

What if not much Oxygen is Supplied?

The cells supply a needed amount of oxygen in your body but if the body demands the more oxygen over and above the limit then your body works anaerobically. Many of the athletes work anaerobically for shorter duration and they continue to do so until they are in a position to perform longer even in the decreased oxygen level.

How to Access the Efficiency of Cardiovascular Response?

  • Measuring your heart rate (during rest) indicates the strength of your heart muscle.
  • Measure how quickly your heart rate and breathing rate decreases after each and every workout.

Both the methods will make a person understand the status of their cardiovascular system and also their overall health.

But apart from this just keep in mind that there are three golden rules to stay healthy and they are: balanced diet, fitness and sleep.