De-Addict yourself with Some Efforts and Little Help

Dictionary meaning of addiction says ‘the state of becoming a slave to a practice that is generally habit forming. Being addicted to sports or work may be a positive thing. However, addiction to life deteriorating substances like alcohol or drugs is very bad and can have very damaging consequences. Even people, who say that they have this vice under control, do not know that they are addicted to it, and require counseling for their problem.

However, no need to lose hope as help is on the way. There is no dearth of such organizations that provide treatment and counseling to such patients. One thing to note is that, though the numbers of such organizations are in plenty, good ones may be somewhat lesser.

Rehab clinics provide medical and psychological assistance to such patients. The topic of rehab clinics have been frequently taken up by the media whenever some famous celebrity pays a visit. Many famous celebs, after attaining stardom, often fall trap to addictions like alcohol and drugs. These people have money in plenty and spending on addictions somehow makes sense to the lot.

People find it very stylish to ape their favorite actors and generally take up smoking and drinking because of the same reason. They do not realize that they are slowly giving rise to a nasty habit that is bound to take their life for a spin and do them bad. Some people fall into this vicious circle in a fit of depression. They need some release channel for their sorrows and grief. Such addictions give them false happiness and take them into a world of ecstasy where their problems are nowhere near them. Such people do not realize that problems can only be overcome by facing them and not just by sitting in a fantasy world and running away from real life scenarios.

A point to note is that such rehabs are only short term solutions to the problem and not the ultimate word for a permanent cure of your addiction. You have to find a solution to your real life problems that you have propelled you to this addiction in the first place.

A famous counselor once said ‘what you resist will persist but what you befriend, you will transcend’. This means that if you face your fears you can overcome them and emerge victorious. So, it is suggested that you increase your will power and believe in the fact that you are stronger than your fears. Believe in your own power to resist things and you will definitely get out of this habit for the better.