Utilize Free Gifts of Nature to Enhance Your Health

To enhance your health: What you consume each day definitely affects your body. An intake of nutritious food not only improves your immune system but your skin and eyesight too.

A healthy diet routine includes two stages

  • To eliminate all the oily and junk food over time
  • Select the healthy alternatives to substitute the harmful diet.

Elimination of harmful food

How can you determine that a particular food is unhealthy for you? The answer lies in the following facts.

  • If the food is processed, baked, canned, and boxed in a factory, it loses all its nutrients and minerals. The addition of chemical colorings or dyes, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives and preservatives or added flavors only enhance taste, texture and visual appearance and impose adverse effects on health.
  • Over-processed food stuff that has been altered so much at the factory that human body can no longer even make out it as an edible substance. Perfect examples include white rice, pastas and white flour, alternative sugars etc.
  • Beverages that we often use as a “crutch” or stimulants like coffee or tea to recharge us, or mood-lifters like chocolates or candies for energy or rehydration like sports drinks, fruit beverages, alcohol or soda to reduce stress and promote relaxation or some sugary sweeteners with the combination of white flour such as pastries, cakes, doughnuts, pies and bread are mere calories which lack nutrition.

Inclusion of healthy food

You can make the ingestion of these vitamins more efficient by following a right food combination. You should develop this habit to regulate the absorption or digestion of vitamins properly in the body. An excessive amount of carbohydrates & proteins like rice, meat & potato cannot be combined together at the same time for, then it will not be processed in the body properly & take longer time to break down. However, you can combine it in a right manner like vegetables with proteins such as meat & salad.

  • Whole grains that come direct from nature such as oats, wheat, quinoa, groats, buckwheat, etc.
  • fresh seasonal veggies and organic fruits
  • fresh beans and legumes
  • raw seeds and nuts

The above suggestions can greatly help you to reap the benefits provided by nature. If you seriously wish to enjoy a sound health, observe these suggestions as rule.