Stop Comparing and Start Increasing Your Height

Increase in height is a topic of debate. As soon as you ask this question, a zillion answers and suggestions find their way into your ears. If you ever ‘Google’ the query, more than a million pages will open up promising solutions to you height growth issue. Solutions may range from height growth pills to injections, acupressure techniques, and magnetic therapies and so on. So how do you decide which is the best method for you?

Well first of all, you need to understand what is exactly responsible for height growth. Hormones are secreted in the pituitary gland. The growth of these hormones primarily defines your height. Along with these hormones your genetic buildup, lifestyle, food habits and exercise regimen affects your height growth to a great extent.

You cannot change your genetic buildup by any exercise regimen, but you can surely do something about your lifestyle and food. In order to gain a few inches of height, you have to focus on increasing your hormone production. A number of pills and injections in the market promise to give your hormone production a boost, however never get caught into this trap.

The best way to increase hormone production is by stretching and body building exercises. Strenuous exercises like pushups and sit ups increase metabolic and hormonal growth. Stretching your body can also help in releasing all the body tension, thereby helping it to grow to its full potential. By stretching, you are actually acting against the force of gravity. This way it will elongate the spinal cord and aid in height growth.

Kicking is also a good option for growing leg bones. Take up martial arts classes or kickboxing. Playing football will also have desirable results.

Now comes the diet part. Having a nutritious and wholesome diet will go a long way in building strong and long bones. Every now and then, the companies that are into the health food business, flood the market with new and improved height growth supplements or some height growth powder. So your discretion is mandatory.

Just buy health supplements that provide you with a good supply of vitamins and minerals. This should be an addition to your diet and not a replacement for your diet. Have a protein and calcium rich diet. Include lots of green and leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will ensure that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals along with plenty of roughage.

By following this regimen for two to three months, you will discover a taller you!