7 Expert-Approved Health Tips for College Students

Staying healthy in college is actually troublesome for many students. For one, they are used to a family environment where someone asks you how you are doing from time to time. Secondly, there is always someone around to take you to the hospital or help you cook some food when you are at home.

The situation is often quite different when you are at college. But what are some of the ways in which you can protect yourself and stay healthy? There are some tried-and-true tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday college life.

Proper sleep

Chances are that you won’t have anyone to tell you when to go to sleep. Campuses are notorious for their 24/7 activity (sometimes even during exam periods), meaning that it’s very easy to lose focus of your studies. Instead of going out to see friends and colleagues until late evening hours, you should try sleeping instead.

Experts have shown that proper sleep can have a huge impact on human productivity – and it’s true! We are much more energetic and positive when we have a good night’s sleep as opposed to being grumpy and tired in the morning.

Healthy food

You might not have thought much about cooking before you went to college – rarely anyone does. This is why it’s important to plan your diet as soon as you move out of your house. Eating fast food and having a cupboard full of snacks might be a good idea of rewarding yourself for good productivity.

However, consuming such food will only make your physical condition worse over a certain period of time. Make sure that you have fruit, vitamins, and plenty of water in your room. Cooking some vegetables, soup or pasta isn’t that difficult and it can make a world of difference in your college life.

Plenty of breaks

Studying for your exams will only help you so much if you don’t rest. Replenishing your energy every couple of hours and being fresh and ready for more work is essential to success in college. Make sure that you create a schedule that revolves around constant breaks for food, a short walk or a nap.

Balancing your classes, projects and exam preparations will become quite difficult as the semester progresses – you will be tempted to sleep less and work more. If you come across a rough patch during the semester, you can get some paper help or google the online by asking a professional writer from trustmypaper.com for help. I mean, who else could write my paper for me? While this is a constant struggle with every college student, you can still make the best of it and adapt to the situation.

Visiting a doctor

Students easily neglect doctor’s visits because of their college obligations. Being healthy is just as important as having good grades – you still have a life ahead of you when you graduate. Try visiting your student (or personal) doctor once a semester just to make sure that everything is okay.

Going to a doctor’s office as soon as you start showing symptoms that weren’t there before is a must! You don’t want to end up bed-bound in the middle of your exam period because you thought that home medicine can make you better.

Limit your vices

Young people are prone to drinking and smoking. It’s the side effect of freedom and trust parents put in them by letting them move out of the house to study. It’s important however is not to indulge in these vices too much. They can cause serious health problems and even addiction early on, making it hard to give up drinking or smoking.

While it’s not okay to smoke, you can still indulge in a cigarette or two once in a while without going overboard. Make sure that you write it down and tell your parents or a best friend – start working on giving up those vices as soon as the semester is over.


Being in shape has multiple benefits. You feel better about your physique, you are energized and ready for a new day’s work, and you always have a way of letting go of negative energy that accumulates during the day.

Developing a simple exercise routine is nothing complicated – just spend 15-30 minutes each day doing simple exercises in your room or going out for a quick jog. You will feel much better about yourself if you keep doing this on a regular basis. It will also help you think more clearly and in turn, be more productive during your studies.

Being clean

You will spend a lot of time around other people in college and your parents will be far away. You need to take care of your cleanness and clothes at all time in order to be proper in public. Washing on a daily basis goes without saying – but the same applies to your clothes.

Ask your colleagues around the campus for the quickest and cheapest way to wash clothes. There are a lot of on-demand washing stores around every campus and they will happily get you sorted out. Don’t wait for your mom to tell you when to wash yourself and your clothes – take the initiative and do the mature thing.

First steps

Being a college student and living away from your family can be a truly scary experience for many young people. What’s important is to look at this experience as a growing experience – you are becoming independent and more mature.

College is where kids go to become people, and keeping yourself healthy is one of the most important aspects of being responsible. Don’t live your academic life recklessly and make sure that you take care of your mind and body.