Be a Regular Jogger and Keep All your Health Woes Away

Most of the trainers state only one thing and that is doing lots of cardio workouts are best for your health; it helps you remain fit and fine. There are so many reasons why you should do cardio-first thing is that it helps you lose weight, keep your lungs and heart stronger, and reduce stress with several other benefits. It is important to know about commonly used exercises for good cardio. They are jogging, biking and running.

The most common cardio exercise is jogging. Include uphill running in your workout for more efficient results. You must have noticed how hard it is to run at small incline, you get tired really fast. With this type of running, you feel a burning sensation in your leg muscle, and the heart rate increases making you sweat profusely. This activity increases the number of burnt calories. Cardio is about pushing limits, thus it will be better if you will do 20 min hard routine rather than 60 min jogging.

Jogging allows you to burn more calories than any other exercise. The reason is, during jogging, your entire body works. Mostly it is preferred by elder people, body in the movement has a tendency to lower its tension. The interesting fact is that you can choose different styles of jogging that is slow, fast, or medium. Each and every jogging style burns a certain number of calories as you perform it.

It tones your muscles and strengthens your bones. It also keeps your circulatory system in tip-top condition and supports heart pumping and blood flowing. That’s why, you will hardly find any jogger suffering from osteoporosis or dying from stroke or heart disease.

The best benefit of jogging that most individuals are completely unaware is mental strength. Researchers have shown that the regular joggers have a better outlook towards life and have a positive thinking. This is so because while running freely, you have a great feeling and after completing the workout, feel yourself like a new person.

Actually, there are so many benefits of jogging that it is impossible to list out all of them. You can see that there is no dilemma about jogging imposes brilliant effects on your body and mind. But if you have a special case like heart problem, diabetes, or pregnancy, consult with your doctor before starting a jogging routine.

Head Lice – Don’t Let Anyone Bully You Anymore

Killing is definitely a deadly sin but that doesn’t hold true for the head lice, the parasite existing on human hair. Head lice could become an object of irritation for the person who suffers from infestation of lice. For some people this infestation could be seasonal as they die out in other seasons.

This piece of information could shock you. Did you know that lice can make your hair roots weaker and thus lead to hair loss? So nullify the existence of head lice as quickly and as effectively as possible and don’t let them conquer your head ever again.

Here are some home remedies:

  • Onion juice is used to treat lice. Application of this extract on the scalp of your head and also roots of your hair with slow massage kills this parasite because of the pungent sulphur content in the juice. Wash your hair to remove dead lice. Repeat this treatment for three more days to get rid of the lice eggs as well.
  • Grind raw custard apple along with the seeds. Store this powder in an air tight box. Application of this powder on your scalp before going to bed, tying your head tightly with a cloth ensures complete elimination of lice and nits (lice eggs).Wash your hair in the morning.

Another form of using custard apple is when it is ground with water to a shampoo consistency and then applied on scalp; leave it overnight and then wash your hair in the morning .This acts like a shampoo, removes dandruff and clears lice and nits from the head. Similarly

  • Mixture of garlic clove and lemon juice. Pungent chemicals present in garlic kills lice effectively.
  • Mix of coconut oil with camphor powder
  • Give your lice a peanut butter treat. Creamy peanut butter is so thick in its texture that it’s good enough to suffocate lice.
  • Vaseline, Listerine are also recommended to clear lice and nits from your head.

Vinegar is also used but it only kills nits and not the adult lice which is of no good to you.

  • You also get a lot of medicated shampoos which specifically kill this parasite.

Don’t let the lice invade your head:

Lack of hygiene is primarily responsible for the invasion of lice on your head.

Washing hair:

Get the basics right. Wash hair from the roots and not just the tips and wash hair every day. Washing hair when you return home after a long journey, crowded places as the lice could just enter your head from someone else’s.

Oiling your hair:

Apply oil on the scalp of your hair.

Say NO to:

Sharing combs, hair brushes, caps, hats, and other hair accessories as it may just increase the risk of head lice infestation.

Utilize Free Gifts of Nature to Enhance Your Health

To enhance your health: What you consume each day definitely affects your body. An intake of nutritious food not only improves your immune system but your skin and eyesight too.

A healthy diet routine includes two stages

  • To eliminate all the oily and junk food over time
  • Select the healthy alternatives to substitute the harmful diet.

Elimination of harmful food

How can you determine that a particular food is unhealthy for you? The answer lies in the following facts.

  • If the food is processed, baked, canned, and boxed in a factory, it loses all its nutrients and minerals. The addition of chemical colorings or dyes, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives and preservatives or added flavors only enhance taste, texture and visual appearance and impose adverse effects on health.
  • Over-processed food stuff that has been altered so much at the factory that human body can no longer even make out it as an edible substance. Perfect examples include white rice, pastas and white flour, alternative sugars etc.
  • Beverages that we often use as a “crutch” or stimulants like coffee or tea to recharge us, or mood-lifters like chocolates or candies for energy or rehydration like sports drinks, fruit beverages, alcohol or soda to reduce stress and promote relaxation or some sugary sweeteners with the combination of white flour such as pastries, cakes, doughnuts, pies and bread are mere calories which lack nutrition.

Inclusion of healthy food

You can make the ingestion of these vitamins more efficient by following a right food combination. You should develop this habit to regulate the absorption or digestion of vitamins properly in the body. An excessive amount of carbohydrates & proteins like rice, meat & potato cannot be combined together at the same time for, then it will not be processed in the body properly & take longer time to break down. However, you can combine it in a right manner like vegetables with proteins such as meat & salad.

  • Whole grains that come direct from nature such as oats, wheat, quinoa, groats, buckwheat, etc.
  • fresh seasonal veggies and organic fruits
  • fresh beans and legumes
  • raw seeds and nuts

The above suggestions can greatly help you to reap the benefits provided by nature. If you seriously wish to enjoy a sound health, observe these suggestions as rule.

Stop Comparing and Start Increasing Your Height

Increase in height is a topic of debate. As soon as you ask this question, a zillion answers and suggestions find their way into your ears. If you ever ‘Google’ the query, more than a million pages will open up promising solutions to you height growth issue. Solutions may range from height growth pills to injections, acupressure techniques, and magnetic therapies and so on. So how do you decide which is the best method for you?

Well first of all, you need to understand what is exactly responsible for height growth. Hormones are secreted in the pituitary gland. The growth of these hormones primarily defines your height. Along with these hormones your genetic buildup, lifestyle, food habits and exercise regimen affects your height growth to a great extent.

You cannot change your genetic buildup by any exercise regimen, but you can surely do something about your lifestyle and food. In order to gain a few inches of height, you have to focus on increasing your hormone production. A number of pills and injections in the market promise to give your hormone production a boost, however never get caught into this trap.

The best way to increase hormone production is by stretching and body building exercises. Strenuous exercises like pushups and sit ups increase metabolic and hormonal growth. Stretching your body can also help in releasing all the body tension, thereby helping it to grow to its full potential. By stretching, you are actually acting against the force of gravity. This way it will elongate the spinal cord and aid in height growth.

Kicking is also a good option for growing leg bones. Take up martial arts classes or kickboxing. Playing football will also have desirable results.

Now comes the diet part. Having a nutritious and wholesome diet will go a long way in building strong and long bones. Every now and then, the companies that are into the health food business, flood the market with new and improved height growth supplements or some height growth powder. So your discretion is mandatory.

Just buy health supplements that provide you with a good supply of vitamins and minerals. This should be an addition to your diet and not a replacement for your diet. Have a protein and calcium rich diet. Include lots of green and leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will ensure that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals along with plenty of roughage.

By following this regimen for two to three months, you will discover a taller you!

Take the Shelter of Yoga to Experience the Divine Peace

If you want an all in one solution to all your physical and mental troubles, tone your daily routine with yoga. Yoga is known to treat almost all kinds of diseases and problems and relieve the psychological and physical effects on your body.

Yoga has been known to greatly reduce stress using many stress-reducing techniques. It takes you to the trip of a new spiritual world releasing all your stress. The various asana of yoga makes our body supple and relaxes our mind. Understanding the cause for stress is very important to get out of it. It is always easier if you know the cause of any problem and it is the same in the case of stress as well.

Stress relief can be achieved through yoga by following various techniques such as breath-control, exercising, clear the mind and relax the body. By involving all the above mentioned techniques, you can get relief from stress effectively. These techniques are carried out as follows-


The Hatha Yoga involves physical practice of yoga and is of various types where a few focus on stretching while the others focus on fast workouts. Select a yoga that suits your personality and physical fitness. Stress is relieved by any exercise as well as yoga by keeping the body healthy.


Pranayama is an important and powerful practice along with performing yoga. It can be performed anywhere and anytime to reduce your stress levels. Deep-breathing can be done by sitting straight and inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth. Try holding breath as long as possible along with inhaling and exhaling as slowly as possible.

Clear the mind

There are various scenarios and pressures that dwell in your mind and increase stress levels. The mind can be controlled using various techniques; one of them is the breath work as mentioned above. The best way to clear the mind is by practicing meditation. Start off with meditation in a calm environment, sitting in a comfortable position, point yourself towards a focus, and observe the point with a non-critical attitude.

Relax the body

the relaxation in yoga is made by the corpse pose (Shavasana). It serves the purpose of releasing both body and mind. It gets you back to the world with a refreshing feel to fight stress.

By following these techniques, you can de-stress yourself. These techniques are very effective and powerful in reducing stress.

Fix up a Menu- Reduce Ten Pounds within a Week

Wanna lose weight to look lean and slim? Are hunting for a healthy regimen to lose within a week? Are you screwed up because of dull and futile weight loss products? If your answer is affirmative then here’s a healthy and a natural way to reduce ten pounds within a week.

People keep on trying various hyped products available in the market but they hardly seem to gain any profit out of it. But with these quick and healthy tips you can easily lose weight within the premises of nature. The secret of losing weight is a combination of a healthy and an appropriate regimen and your genuine efforts.

Follow these three tips and lose weight naturally:

  1. Cut down high sugar and carbohydrates level from your food- Glucose and insulin which are responsible for boosting up the fat creation in the body are produced only when you consume a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates. As soon as you lower the levels of carbohydrates and sugar less amount of fat is produced and you gradually move towards your goal of losing weight.
  2. Drink a lot of water and tea- Water which is the most important element needed in the body serves the purpose a fat burner and a toxic wastage cleaner. Water helps the liver and kidney to deeply clean the toxic substances and to conflagrate the fat in the body. Intake of water should be increased. On an average a person should drink one-two liters of water in a day. Apart from water, tea also serves the purpose of hunger suppressant especially green tea. Appropriate intake of water and tea helps you to control hunger and eventually reduces the production of fat in the body.
  3. Raw food should be added- Inclusion of raw food, fresh and green vegetables, soups as well as salads in the meal will keep you hunger free and you could move a step closer towards losing weight. These natural foodstuff will bring down your per day calorie intake and will bring a stop to your over eating habits.

These are the easiest and the best ways of losing weight naturally. Include these three tips in your diet regimen and see the best results within a week. But you need to be methodical, steady and consistent enough to follow these steps to reduce weight naturally.