7 Expert-Approved Health Tips for College Students

Staying healthy in college is actually troublesome for many students. For one, they are used to a family environment where someone asks you how you are doing from time to time. Secondly, there is always someone around to take you to the hospital or help you cook some food when you are at home.

The situation is often quite different when you are at college. But what are some of the ways in which you can protect yourself and stay healthy? There are some tried-and-true tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday college life. read more

Harmless and Effective Measures to Treat Liver Spots

Sun spots occur mainly due to excessive exposure to ultra- violet radiations originating from the sun. It is a known fact that “Melanin Pigment” of your skin is responsible for the absorption of sunlight. It also protects you from harmful Ultra violet rays. However, as you age your skins natural ability to deflect UV-radiations begins to reduce, thereby, causing sun spots. These are usually brown in color. Biological terms used for sun spots are Liver spots or solar lentigo.  As age factor is responsible for their occurrence, so they are called age spots. read more

Measures to Keep Blood Pressure under Control

High blood pressure is another problem that causes deterioration in the body of a human being. This is known as hypertension which occurs due to a number of reasons in the body. Normally, the sedentary lifestyle that one is accustomed with today, is leading to this problem of high blood pressure.

According to doctors, the standard level of blood pressure is stated as 120/80. If you are at this range, then you are perfectly fine. But people can’t keep this balance all the time, there are fluctuations. So, in case of imbalances you need to seek medication and implement certain variations in your body to retain the balance and stay fit. read more

What are Right Brain and Left Brain?

The human mind is divided into two portions, right and left.  According to numerous researches on the brain it is found that each portion is responsible to think differently in different people.  Also one portion of brain is more active for particular types of activities than the other.

The right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for holistic, subjective, random, intuitive and synthesizing thinking.  However, the left portion is based upon logical, analytical, objective, sequential and rational thinking. read more

How Olive Oil is Good for Your Skin and Hair?

Olive oil is generally considered as “Beauty oil”. As compared to other oils, it can give you immense beauty benefits. Though it is not very tasty for many people but it can amaze you with the benefits which it gives to our skin, hair and overall health.

This article regarding olive oil will tell you why it is considered to be very beneficial in terms of healthy hair and skin. Go through with this journey and read out the various benefits of olive oil.

Olive Oil A Magical Remedy for Various Skin Problems

  • Olive Oil as a Facial Cleanser

Olive oil can work as a perfect cleanser for your skin. Mix 80% olive oil with 20% castor oil. Gently massage the face and neck for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on your skin for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. read more

Grow Taller With a Healthy Diet Plan

Height is an essential attribute of your personality. Tall individuals are considered sexy, more noticeable & confident. Taller pole generally overshadow shorter people in terms of attraction and attention! It has been regarded by most of the individuals that height depends on genetic features. However it is not true in all cases. As such, regretfully, not everybody is fortunate enough to grow taller!

Most of the individuals always try to grow tall without relying on pills & supplements. It is quite difficult for some of them to gain height after teenage years. read more

Foods That Get Digested Very Easily By Our Body

The increasing consumption of junk food these days has consequently reduced digestive capabilities of the people of today. If body gets excessive quantities of such foods, after sometime, it demands simple and easily digestive food. So, one should have these foods, which are also easy on the stomach.

Easy to digest foods

  • Fruits: The most basic and enjoyable food items, i.e. fruits are available in various types. Fruits are easily digested and thus light on the stomach. Apples, strawberries, papaya, melons are low in fats and also provides essential nutrients like Vitamins and minerals.
  • Rice: One of the simplest forms of carbohydrates, rice, is easy to be digested. Thus in case of upset stomach, plain rice is the recommended choice to have.
  • Chicken: For most of the non-vegetarians, it is a pleasant observation that chicken is easy to digest when consumed in boiled form. Now, you can grab that chicken leg piece even if your stomach is not feeling well.
  • Soups: All kinds of vegetable soups are easy to digest. These provide our body with all essential nutrients and are thus healthy food option. When someone is having irritated stomach, soups are highly recommended.
  • Yogurt: The bacteria in yogurt help stomach to digest it fast. In addition to this it also improves the overall immune system of one’s body.
  • Leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc, make the body to throw out all undigested food out of the body and also give all the vital nutrients required by the body.
  • Nuts and Seeds: The omega-3 fatty acids rich foods like nuts and seeds are very healthy for our digestive system and in fact for overall body. Packed with protein and essential oils, these nuts improve the digestion of our body. These can be ranked at topmost positions in the list of foods that our body absorbs easily.
  • Buttered Toast: Bread is as simple as rice and thus is very light on stomach. Toasting the bread with low fat butter makes it nice flavored. Buttered toast can also help other foods to get digested easily.
  • Gelatin: Some adults and children have got some intestinal problems which can be solved using gelatin as it soothes the digestive tract by sliding right through it without causing any harm to the system.
  • read more

    You Can Also Feel Fresh In the Morning

    All of us are well aware of the immobility that traps us in the morning. Everyday alarm goes off and we are still waiting for the next one to ring. Is it because you are not “morning people” kind or what? There’s nothing like that. You might have seen people who welcome the rising sun every day with full enthusiasm. It’s not any genetic habit or tendency that makes them to do so. It’s just a healthy lifestyle that gives you a fresh feel in the morning. Some alterations you need to adapt in your lifestyle if you are interested in a fresh and good morning. read more

    Anxiety Causes and Easy Ways to Manage It

    It’s normal to feel anxious from time to time but if a person remains anxious for a prolonged time, and then it becomes a serious issue that affects normal life and generalized as “anxiety disorder”. Occasional anxiety is not a bad thing and its main role is to keep us focused and alert but overdose of anything is bad. To fully grasp this content you need to understand the causes of anxiety.

    Here is a shot for you…

    Prominent Reasons of Anxiety

    1. Stress plays a major role in anxiety attacks. Stress in personal relationship, school, money, finances, natural disaster, and death of a loved one causes anxiety
    2. Level of neurotransmitters in brain is also responsible for anxiety
    3. Heredity also leads to anxiety disorder. It is considered that if in a family parents suffer from anxiety then there is a greater chance that the child will also inhale the symptoms of anxiety
    4. Medicines also make a person more anxious. It’s a fact if a person depends too much on medicines, then at some point of time he/she starts feeling anxious
    5. Nutritional imbalance, chemical imbalance in body, repressed emotions and physical or mental exhaustion gives a rise to anxiety disorder

    Anxiety is more than just a feeling. It affects our whole being and it feels like a fear, but how can I recognize that I am anxious? read more

    Treat Sore with these Easy and Homemade Solutions

    Almost every individual gets a sore throat at some point of time. It is common but that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant. A sore throat can seriously affect your ability to speak and sometimes it also gives us terrible pain throat. It is also known as tonsillitis or pharyngitis and causes pain, scratchiness or discomfort in the throat.

    Do you know what are the main causes of a sore and heavy throat? Here is all you may need to know-

    What Causes a Sore Throat?

    • Bacterial infection is one of the major causes of sore throat.
    • Smoking produces throat dryness which finally leads to sore throat
    • Breathing through mouth can cause sore throat which is really very painful
    • Grandular fever is a common reason of sore throat. It is a viral illness that can cause tonsillitis
    • Viruses cause sore throat. A number of sore throats are due to an infection with a virus. Epstein bar virus is a famous one and it causes grandular fever which eventually gives you sore throat.

    Signs of Sore Throat

    • Swelling in throat
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Difficulty in swallowing
    • White patches in throat
    • Blood in saliva or phlegm
    • Headaches and mild fever
    • Difficulty opening the mouth
    • Vomiting may lead to sore throat
    • Hoarseness lasting over two weeks
    • Pain, discomfort and scratchiness in throat

    How to Treat Sore Throat?

    • Garlic keeps away bacteria and virus. Add raw garlic to your salad or chewing some raw cloves of garlic helps in easing the pain of sore throat.
    • Cardamom is a famous tonsillitis cure. You can do gargles with cardamom infusions and get the relief from sore throat.
    • Take chamomile tea once or twice in a day helps in relieving the signs of tonsillitis.
    • Take some betel leaves. Grind them and apply them directly on your throat. It prevents sore throat.
    • Drink lime water is beneficial in the problem of sore throat. Drink for one week will surely help you out.
    • Take a glass of lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt and gargle with this 3-4 times in day will rehydrate dry tissues and ease your tonsillitis pain.
    • Turmeric has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Add few pinches of turmeric powder in milk. Consume it before going to sleep.

    Sore throat is not a big issue to deal but it can be an irritating ailment to some extent. Try out these easy homemade remedies to relieve yourself from painful sore throat. read more